Thursday, May 6, 2010

Opening Statements

It's 11:30 at night. I tried going to bed around three hours ago, and yet due to the heat in my room, I have found myself staying up creating this blog.

Over the years, especially this last one, I have learned a lot about love. And not just your typical love that you hear everyday in songs, on television, or at the movies. I am talking about TRUE love, agape, the love only God can perfect. I have had my failures, my victories, my heartbreaks, my joys, my deserts, my mountain tops. My view of love has flipped completely around multiple times in the last couple years of my life. But one thing I have stayed firm on is the overwhelming love from God that I have witnessed in my life. I may not know how to perfectly love others all the time, but I know someone who does; I may not not feel loved by those around me all the time, but I know someone who does love me; I may spend a lot of my time and effort trying to find love in my life, but then I remember I already do have a love who will take care of me no matter what!!!!

As I make more posts in this blog, know this: They won't all be happy. They won't all be sad either. But I can promise you this: That as I live the journey that is life, when I overwhelmingly catch a small glimpse of God's infinite love, I will write about it; when I get down and depressed and wonder where love is, I will write about it until I figure it out. When I see the beauty and complexity of life, I will write about it. This is my life, every part of it. No editing the frustrations, nor the joys. This is my journey after God's heart. This is my journey to find what true love is . . .

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